Starbucks Adding Some Veggie Smoothies And Chicken Wraps

Starbucks is truly known for its ‘starbucks coffee’, being an American global coffee company, starbucks won the hearts of many people throughout the world. Starbucks already has various and enough sweet items on its menu and now its going to add some savory items to its menu. 


According to starbucks press release, it will begin selling new veggie smoothies and Thai style chicken wraps. The Thai style chicken wraps are made of grilled white chicken, ginger cream cheese and chili lime veggie slaw wrapped in a chili tortilla. This dish will come with a spicy peanut coconut sauce and grapes on the side. Starbucks will also introduce the Edamame Hummus wrap, which is made up of Edamame hummus, bell peppers, zucchini and a garlic herb cheese spread served in a spinach tortilla and this dish will come with roasted tomato sauce and sesame flex crackers on the side. Both of these wraps have calories count less then 500 and retail for around 6 dollars.

With these wraps another great venture is a new partnership with Dannon and Evolution Fresh called Evolution Fresh Smoothies. These smoothies are purely vegetarian and will come in sweet greens, mango carrot and strawberry flavors. Being concerned with the on going heath trends, starbucks says that these smoothies are made from cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices, a dash of nutmeg and ice, Greek non fat yogurt, these smoothies are completely free from added sweeteners, colors, preservatives and flavors. Further explained the statement, starbucks said customers can also add things like protein powder, fresh kale or extra Greek yogurt into their smoothies, which will be around 180-200 calories. 

Apart of coffee, Starbucks will now be known for its smoothies and wraps also. Cost of smoothies and wraps will be in a same range.

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