Tasty Foods Under 50 Calories - That Are Good For Your Diet!

If you are really serious towards your weight loss regime, then keep these tasty stuffs near you always. These tasty foods will not only add nutrition to your diet but will also make sure that your calorie count is incremented not more than 50 calories!


Bell Pepper- (2 calorie)

Bell pepper adds only two calories when taken a raw slice. Studies have shown that these tasty peppers can help you burn much faster. The vitamin B6 and the folate found in them can reduce the risk of heart disease also.

Strawberry- (4 calorie)

Strawberries have good health benefits and snacking it in summers prevents diabetes and heart diseases. These add tons of flavors giving you very few of calories.

Spinach- (7 calories)

1 cup fresh spinach adds only seven calories. This leafy green food also builds muscle power and is a rich source of omega-3s and folate. It helps in reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke and osteoporosis.

Hearts of palm (9 calories)

These are not common veggies but can be a staple of your healthy diet. It has lots of fiber and with minimum calories; it can be a great addition to your meal.

Romaine Lettuce (10 calories)

One cup of Romaine Lettuce adds only ten calories and you can choose Romaine Lettuce as the base of salad. It adds a great nutritional value to your meal and you can enjoy the taste too. It is high in water content and vitamins.

Asparagus (12 calories)

4 spears of asparagus cooked add only 12 calories to your food. It is a great source for weight loss and healthy body.  It also helps you in getting rid of the hangover due to overdose of alcohol. Did you know that! Cheers to that!

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