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The Organic Vs. Conventional Food Debate

According to the new report it seems to raise more questions then answers on the organic vs. conventional food debate. The biggest question among them is that ‘is organic food really delivering health benefits?


From the previous 2 years the trend of organic food is touching a good height, every third person is a big proponent of buying organic food versus non-organic food. After a large review and yet of studies that compare conventional to organic foods, researchers found no major evidence that one type is healthier than other. 

On the more revealing side of the review, very few studies that systematically examined the health outcomes of eating one kind of diet compared to the other. 200 studies are focused on this topic but still the conclusion is not found. Each of these studies is designed in different ways focused on different kind of measurement of health. 

Many people have always taken it granted that the organic food is healthy and better for you. Many articles say that there is no need of this debate; we all know that normal food contains pesticides and chemicals. Most of us want to minimize the exposure that’s why some people buy organic food. 

A chemistry society reported, without the use of pesticides, organic crops develop a natural defense mechanism in the form of chemicals called phenols. Organic supporters claim that these chemicals are antioxidants and organic fruits and vegetables are better for protecting the body from cancers and heart diseases. Whereas defenders say that these chemicals may be a potential health risk and insist that there is no evidence to show health gains from organic food. 

Still not sure which camp to be in? Considering the price differential between organic and conventional foods, consider the option more carefully.

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