Why We Should All Pay More For Cheap 'Ethnic' Foods

Cost of tacos is $1 a piece, $2 for a slice of pizza, $4 for falafel. These prices are more or less set in stone for the residents of ethnically diverse metropolitan areas and cities. This is an aspect of the inalienable right to cheap ethnic food provided to city dwellers. This is why when any upstart restaurant starts messing which the price chart, charging $5 for the tacos $6 for pizza piece; people have a tendency to freak. 


Nobody likes or wish to pay more for the same dish they are getting at low prices. Ethnic food is cheaper then that food under a 5 star hotel but the fact is that, not everyone can afford that. Today people are comparing the prices of the same product or food because of the increasing competition.

Complaints of charging high or inadequate prices are rarely explored or considered. When asked by these restaurant owners for the explanation of the inadequate prices their argument is better ingredients cost more money. 

Sometimes the high prices of the dish may worth it. Considering a bowl of noodle soup with bones of rosy beef pricier at restaurant than those at the cheap spot, so is that those bones which make it pricier. Oh yes the bones used in the soup is cooked in 1:1 ratio of soup. In addition, is oxtails are used in the formation of soup then this will add more flavor and texture which ultimately highlights in the price of the soup.

The advantage of living in urban areas is that regional cuisines from far flung countries are readily available here. What we have to do is to think our attitudes towards the prices we are willing to pay for those foods.

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