Food Gurus Predict What'll Be Hot At Restaurants Next Year

Among the top trends for breakfasts or brunches are egg white omelets and sandwiches for meal of kids. Fruits and vegetables are children’s side items. McDonalds made apple slices mandatory in happy meals back in 2011 but this year debuted its egg white McMuffin, those don’t seem so much up coming. Crazy and die hard foodies will probably feel the same about the inclusion of Greek yogurt on the list.


You can surely imagine a dish like tagine becoming the next fajitas. So, why not try or have another way to infuse a little excitement in to the whole chain restaurant? Particularly for those semi restless subordinates who don’t have time to get out of the book club. 

Among the top 10 trends of 2014 there was the locally sourced meats and seafood. This trend is carried forward to the predictions of 2015 considering the environment sustainability and hyper local sourcing. 

The lettuce on your big Mac is harvested from the rain water garden on the roof of the McDonald. But one can only dimly imagine some filet of fish is made from sustainably farmed tilapia. 

For the mainstream American food and restaurant industries it is next to impossible to embrace that kind of sustainable vision. No doubt, they will figure out how to further capitalize on another big ongoing trend. This might be called the ‘exotification’ of the American palate.

To be practical, this has more to do with the country’s shifting demographic structure than with grandma, say, developing a penchant. Ethnic pops up on the NRA list as often as buzzwords for sustainability. Ethnic inspired breakfast, think, ethnic dips and even ethnic children’s dishes. But at last children will go for apple pie or cronuts, its tough to convince them for ethnic food.  

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