How To Make Infused Ice

Infused ice is a simple idea, familiar to anyone who tried to create a slushy as a kid by pouring juice into an ice tray, or made an ill advised attempt at freezing booze in college. But flavored ice has grown up to creative rocks part of the cocktail equation. 


Infused ice cubes are more fancy and sexy then ordinary ice cube to chill that beverage down. They are perfect for special occasions like birthday, wedding or any cocktail party or to make any gathering and simple occasion feel extra special. 

Too often people immediately eat or discard the garnish on a cocktail. For letting the garnish to deliver its flavor, keeps it in play down to the last sip. The surprise of seeing how the melting ice how the melting ice changes your cocktail’s flavor will give you incentive to drink more slowly. 

Here are some recipes of making infused ice:

Strawberry-basil crush

Divide 3 tablespoon of water in 3 compartments of the large ice cube tray, then freeze it. Now divide 2 strawberries, diced, and 3 small basil leaves among the same 3 compartments. Add water to cover and freeze again. Your strawberry basil crush infused ice cubes are ready.

Cole’s Negroni

Make lavender ice, in a pan take 1 quarter of water to boil with 4 tablespoon of dried lavender flowers, remove from heat and let steep 5 minutes. Strain it through a fine mesh sieve into a large ice cube tray and let it to freeze solid. Your lavender infused ice is ready.

There are many recipes same as above, you can use any of the flowers, any fruits, herbs, vegetables. Juices etc for making the infused ice. After freezing, you can pop the ice cubes from tray and simply store them in a large freezer Ziploc bag for future use.

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