Japan Probably The Most Selling Food In The World

When it comes to technology Japan is often called as Galapagos, as the Japan’s cultural isolation tends to produce innovations which are found no where in the world. This same thing can be said about food. Japan is a culinary wonderland thanks to its incomparable uniqueness, a national obsession with cuisine and an almost religious embrace of freshness and productive perfection. 


Here are the foods of Japan which is probably the most selling food in the world:

Gindara saikyo-yaki: the perfect Gindara saikyo-yaki is flaky, tenderly slow grilled over hot coals, moist, suggestively sweet and irresistibly savory at the same time. Black cod is in itself very beautiful, but marinating it in mellow white miso brings out a buttery richness that's hard to describe and even harder to stop eating. 

Horsemeat: horsemeat is tender, when properly prepared, mildly sweet and not at all gamey. The Japanese politely refer to horsemeat as sakuraniku, or cherry blossom meat, because of its bright pink color. It’s most popular incarnation is basashi, paper thin slices of raw horsemeat dipped in the soy sauce and grated ginger, frequently served at izakayas.

Warabi mochi: Warabi mochi is not made from rice, but bracken fern starch. The result is custardy, delicious and translucent, rolled in toasty kinako soybean flour.

Umi-budo: These are miniature 'sea grapes', not grapes at all, but clusters of an extraordinary sea vegetable found in Okinawa. When you bite into them, the turgid little capsules pop in your mouth, offering a satisfying crunch before releasing their briny goodness across your palate.

Sushi: sushi is one of the Japan's greatest gastronomical gifts to the whole world. Almost poetic in its simplicity, good sushi relies on two things: the freshness of the ingredients and the knife skills of the chef. 

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