Local Saudi Arabia Food Eaten Around The World

Saudi Arabia is the third largest country of Asia. Saudi Arabian people are descended from tribes of nomadic sheep and goat herders and they also maintain many of the traditions of their past. Traditional foods of Saudi like dates, arikah, Fatir and hawayij are still eaten by Saudis today, while most of the Saudis have settled in towns and cities and no longer follow the nomadic lifestyle. Saudi Arabia is also known to be the home to Mecca, the origin and spiritual center of Islamic people. The culture, as well as the laws of Saudi Arabia, is founded on Islamic principles, including the dietary restrictions against eating pork or drinking alcohol.


In the year 1930, oil was found on the Arabian Peninsula. Through the Income from oil, Saudi Arabia has become modernized and begins to develop the stronger industries in other areas also, such as agricultural area. Because of this, Saudi Arabia is now producing all of its own dairy products and most of its own vegetables. Many foreign workers are needed to maintain the new industries, and foreign foods as well as fast food chains are now available in Saudi Arabia. However, it is mostly the foreigners who eat those foods; most Saudis prefer traditional fare. The Saudis in general receive an adequate nutrition. The country's agricultural practices have been modernized by time and the government has made significant investments in irrigation. Saudi farmers grow and raise almost enough crops and livestock to meet the needs of the population.

Here are the local Saudi Arabia foods which are eaten around the world:

• Fatir (flat bread)

• Hawayij  (Spice Blended)

• Haysa Al-Tumreya (Dip for Dates)

• Kapsa (Chicken and Rice)

• Kimaje (Flat Bread)

• Laban Drink (Yogurt Drink)

• Rice, Saudi Style

• Tabbouleh (Bulgur Wheat Salad)

• Hummus

• Qahwa (Arabic Coffee)

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